SRECs stand for Solar Renewable Energy Credits, also called Alternative Energy Credits (AECs) in Pennsylvania. For the energy your system produces, you receive a credit that has a certain value and can be sold or traded on the SREC market. For every 1,000 kWh your system produces in its lifetime, you receive 1 SREC. The value of SRECs fluctuates greatly depending on supply and demand, but selling them earns you extra income. These earnings are an added financial incentive beyond what you are saving in utility costs.

Currently, the SREC market is much stronger in NJ than in PA, making an installation an even more appealing investment for those living in the Garden State.

After installation, you can register yourself to sell and manage your SRECs, but we advise most of our customers to use a broker or an aggregator who will manage this investment for you. We will help you in this process when your system is turned on.

Estimated SREC earnings are shown on each of our quotes. Request a quote to find out more specifically how this could benefit you.

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