Over time, your solar installation will definitely be cheaper than your utility!

Once your solar is installed, your panels will provide for your energy needs. You will no longer be dependent on the utility company’s power and subject to their steadily increasing rates.

Let’s use a recent customer example to compare the cost. These are numbers from an actual quote we sent:
– A $40,000 installation costs $28,000 after the current federal tax credit.
– This customer’s installation will cover the home’s full energy needs producing 12,500 kWh per year.
– At that usage rate, we estimate this person would pay more than $89,000 over 30 years to the utility!

You decide:
paying $28,000 to produce your own energy with solar OR
paying the utility $89,000 for theirs.

This customer chose to go solar! Their net savings will be $61,000 over 30 years. There are some customers who save even more than that, others who save a bit less. Your savings depend on your circumstances, and we outline these savings in our consultations and system quotes. Request a quote to find out how much you would save.

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