For the most broad and up to date information, we recommend you check out the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency. Find the appropriate website here: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, then filter your search results for Solar Photovoltaics.

The US government currently offers a 30% federal tax credit: for any solar PV system installed, you receive 30% of its cost as a dollar for dollar credit on the taxes you owe. This is currently scheduled to last through 2019, with decreased credits scheduled through 2021. This helps to make a solar install considerably more affordable. Visit this page at for more information and talk with a tax professional to learn how this incentive can best help you.

SREC stands for Solar Renewable Energy Credit, and these credits are something you automatically accumulate as your system produces power. The value of these credits fluctuates depending on supply and demand in your state, but selling them earns you extra income. If you’re curious and financially minded, visit the GATS site to learn a bit more; otherwise we recommend using an aggregator to manage selling SRECs for you.

Tax credits and SRECs are the primary incentives currently offered that we focus on with our customers, but don’t hesitate to research other rebates, grants, or discounts that may be available in your state, locally, or even with your employer.

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