Because solar is a significant investment, it’s worth making sure you’ve found the right people who will do the work well. There is more to consider than price. Here are some questions we’d encourage you to ask if you are looking around, and while we’re at it we’ll give you the short versions of our own answers.

What brands do you use?

When we are not installing SunPower, the brands we prefer to use include LG, SolarWorld, Silfab, and Canadian Solar. Other brands are possible.

What warranties will come with the installation?

With SunPower, you get the full 25 year workmanship guarantee and the 25 year performance guarantee at 87% production. We guarantee our own work (roof and anything else we touch) for 5 years.

What does your work and price include?

Our prices are turn-key, meaning we take care of everything from start to finish: designs, permitting, utility interconnection, SREC registration, installation, and monitoring setup.

How much experience do you have? What is the history of the company?

Evoke has existed since 2013, but owner Wes Checkeye has been installing, designing, selling, and servicing solar installations since 2003 with one of Pennsylvania’s pioneer solar companies HeatShed.

Do you use your own install crew or do you hire subcontractors?

We have our own install crew with more than 40 years combined experience and our owner Wes will be on site overseeing the installation.

How is the work completed to ensure an aesthetically pleasing install?

Each site is different, but we take great care and great pride making each install as aesthetically pleasing as possible. This includes considering the direction of panels, symmetrical layouts, and appropriately hiding wires and conduit. The mounting systems we use are completely hidden from sight once the panels are placed. We show each customer their design long before installation day.

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