Evoke has always encouraged the purchase of systems, but we also recognize leasing as a valuable option.

The major advantages of a purchase are that you own the equipment, you call the shots, and you reap all the benefits that come with it: the savings, the tax credits, the energy credits, the home value increases, the energy independence, and once your system is paid off, power at zero cost. Purchasing gives you more autonomy, more flexibility, and the full benefit of the investment.

But purchasing is not for everyone, so we offer the option to lease a system through SunPower. This becomes an agreement between you and SunPower, and Evoke is simply there to facilitate the process and install the system. SunPower retains ownership of the system and you make the monthly payments for the installation over the course of a 20 year period. Those lease payments have the potential to fully replace your electricity bill while being 30%-60% less expensive.

The advantages of a lease include zero up-front investment while still saving a considerable amount of money and generating clean power at your home. In addition, your lease payment is fixed for the duration of 20 years, giving you predictability with no surprise rate hikes from the utility. For those looking to save some money but see the management of an asset as added stress, the lease is an excellent option, as system maintenance and insurance remains SunPower’s responsibility.

But as is typical with Lease agreements, SunPower still owns all of the installed equipment. Some homeowners will see that as an advantage: less risk and less worry. But keep in mind the trade-off: it is now SunPower that receives the tax credits, energy credits, and any other added financial incentive that comes from the system itself.

Many will find a loan to be the happy medium: less up-front financial burden, but still working toward the full ownership of the investment.

Which suits your needs and preferences? Contact us to discuss the options further.

A Sunpower Elite Dealer