When someone asks us this question, they’re most often looking for a quick ballpark number. The problem is that the answer depends on so many factors and the price can vary greatly according to the situation.

The most important answer is this: if you’ve got a good location for solar, the cost of a solar system will always be much less expensive than what you are paying your utility company over time. Many of the quotes we provide show that homeowners would be saving $70,000 to $120,000 in utility costs over the life of the system. We are committed to making sure this is a good investment that works for our customers, so we give you the most accurate estimates we can to help you make a decision.

The cost of a project depends on its size, your energy needs, and the equipment we choose according to your preferences and budget. We offer reliable standard efficiency panels as well as the highest performing panels on the market, and our price range reflects those options.

Very broadly speaking, our residential systems for purchase generally start around $15K for a small system using standard equipment and can reach $50K or more for larger systems using the best equipment. These figures would be reduced when considering financial incentives such as the 30% tax credit and SREC income.

Keep in mind the price we give you includes installation and all other equipment and labor costs, not to mention the administrative work and post-install troubleshooting. The price we give you in the contract will be the price you pay: no hidden costs, no extra charges, no surprises.

We walk through every detail of this pricing when you request a quote, so don’t hesitate to contact us to get a much better idea of what your system would cost.

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