We are one of Pennsylvania’s few licensed SunPower dealers and we take great pride in their product for good reason.

They’ve been on the leading edge of solar research and manufacturing for 30 years, so they’ve got far more experience than other brands, and it shows. Their leading technology has released panels that are the most efficient on the market with efficiency rates around 21-22%, meaning you can produce more power with less space and in less ideal conditions. Their full 25-year warranty matches no other on the market: performance, equipment, parts, and labor are all covered for 25 years. After 30 years, they know their product is durable enough to last with consistently high performance.

SunPower is not the only product we install, but it’s the product we enjoy installing the most, because we fully believe they are worth the investment. If you ask for a free consultation with us, we’ll show you the panels and systems SunPower makes. When we suggest SunPower, it’s only because we truly believe it’s a top-notch product. Deciding from there what you prefer and what’s in your budget is all part of the process.

For more information visit SunPower’s site. Do the research for yourself and we think you’ll agree that SunPower panels really are better.

A Sunpower Elite Dealer