The best way to see if solar could work for you is to request a quote. The price range of a solar install varies greatly depending on size, energy needs, and the type of panels you choose. To give you the most accurate and personalized quote, here are the pieces of information we like to receive from you and why:

1. Your address: we can take a look at your property on Google Maps to determine sun exposure and shading. This gives us an idea if solar panels would produce enough energy to be a worthwhile investment for you.

2. Your annual energy use: take a look at your utility bill and see how much energy you use in a year (kWh). This determines what size system you need.

3. Your current utility rate: While you’re at it, we’ll figure out with you about how much your utility charges per kWh, and this will help in calculations that determine your return on investment. The easiest thing to do is send us a copy of your most recent electric bill, and we will take a look at the information with you. The higher your bill, the more you will save with solar.

Contact us with this information and we’ll be glad to give you a free estimate.

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