Orientation: Your roof should have good southern exposure. Due south is considered 180 degrees, and thus your roof should be pointing somewhere between 40 degrees in either direction (approx. 140 – 200 degrees). Solar can be installed on roofs facing due east or west and still function reasonably well, but at a lower than ideal efficiency.

Shading: Your roof should have minimal shading. Do trees or other buildings cast a shadow on your roof? What about sections where a chimney or another structure casts a shadow? This will impact your panels’ efficiency and energy production.

Space: Your roof needs to have enough space to fit the array. We can work around most obstacles such as windows, chimneys, or other exhaust exits, but space is one more factor to consider.

Condition: Ideally, your roof should be in good condition (we recommend less than 12 years old) and structurally sound.

One of our consultants can easily check out your roof using satellite imagery, and with a few questions determine whether or not solar is a viable option for you, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.

If your roof is not ideal but you have space on your property, consider installing a ground mount. It’s not only a practical solution, it provides optimal conditions for maximum energy production.

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