Ground mounts are a versatile solution for many customers. If your roof is too small, has insufficient southern exposure, or contains too many obstacles or sources of shading, a roof mount likely will not work for you. But if you have property space, a custom array can easily be mounted in the ground.

The added advantage is that this allows for optimal tilt and orientation for maximum sun exposure. Given these ideal conditions, it is likely that you could produce more power with less panels than a roof mount. All that is needed is enough clear space on your property.

Some customers prefer a ground mount even if they have ideal roof conditions because it produces more power and they prefer to not attach panels to the roof. With hedges strategically planted, it is even possible to hide the ground mount from sight. The advantages are many: maintenance is easier and roof issues (though admittedly rare) will never be a concern.

Our ground mounts are typically built on a foundation created with large ground screws: this is cleaner and faster than pouring concrete, more efficient and more versatile, and it gives the added advantage of easy removal if ever the need arises.

Ground mounts are also excellent choices in agricultural settings: let the pasture produce in yet another way and let the animals do the yard work for you around the mount.

Custom built ground mounts are one of our specialties whereas many other solar installers do not offer this solution. Take a look at some examples in our gallery and contact us for more information.

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