Bottom line: if you move and sell your house, you have options!

Some of our more committed customers have chosen to move their installation with them. It really is possible! If you purchase your system, you own the panels, and you have every right to keep them. Just keep in mind this can be an intensive and expensive project depending on the move.

Other customers have sold their home with no problems and studies show that a solar system will significantly increase the value of the home. A thorough study was done by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (“Selling into the Sun: Price Premium Analysis of a Multi-State Dataset of Solar Homes”) stating that home values increased $15,000 for a small-scale system, and that value increased according to system size and how much savings it provides.

As a general rule of advice, we counsel our customers that it is still worth installing solar if you plan on being in your home for another 5 years. If you have plans to move sooner than that, we would generally advise you to wait.

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