Solar Energy Installation Services

Evoke Solar’s team includes seasoned solar energy providers who’ve spent years providing homes and businesses with reliable solar PV systems. We offer residential and commercial solar installation in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York.

Years of Experience Installing Solar

There are many reasons why we’re a chosen source for renewable energy solutions, and the first is our years of experience. Our owner Wes Checkeye has been working in the solar industry for fifteen years and several members of the installation crew have been by his side since the beginning. Few renewable energy companies have the vast hands-on experience and capability that our team has, meaning we can serve you efficiently and provide smart solutions every time.

Stellar Customer Service in the Solar Installation Process

Simply put, we treat our customers like family. Our sales approach is low-pressure and no-nonsense, with an emphasis on educating the customer and supplying all the necessary information to make a knowledgeable decision. We want your solar installation to make sense and benefit you, and if it doesn’t we will say so.

When it comes to the installation process, we start with a consultation and give you all the time you need to understand what going solar means. Then, we’ll assess your property and design your system accordingly, customized to your needs. A turn-key solar installation means we take care of all necessary permits, applications, and approvals for the installation. We strive for an efficient and timely installation, and our team gives its complete effort to stick to our deadlines. As we design your system, we do our best to give you a reasonable and accurate install date, keeping you informed of delays so that you know where we are in the process and why. Once we have all required approvals in hand, our team will install the system, and most of that work can be completed in a day! We’ll complete the inspections with your township and utility company and wait for final approval, and then we’ll turn on your system.

Our reputation has been earned because we put our customers first and always strive to make things right. We prioritize proactive communication with you. We’re here for you through the entire installation process. Our past customers have noticed our excellent service and are eager to share their experience.

The Best Solar Panels, Materials, and Equipment

Our experience means we’ve seen plenty of equipment over the years and even in our service work we see which stands the test of time and which does not. This allows us to promise you only the highest quality material that will perform well over time. Working with our company means that you’ll have high quality solar panels that are guaranteed to last. We work with SunPower, a dependable solar manufacturer with over three decades of experience. As a SunPower Elite Dealer, we have met the rigorous requirements to be recognized as a trusted solar installation partner, giving us access to this high quality equipment. SunPower panels are the most efficient on the market, meaning we can do more with less. These solar panels come with a 25-year warranty and an expected lifespan of 40+ years. Whether it’s SunPower or other reputable brands, you can choose Evoke knowing we will put quality equipment to work for your own energy needs.

All Solar Solutions

We stand ready to complete your residential solar installation, commercial solar installation, or agricultural solar installation. Whether it is your home, business, or unique project, we are here and ready to help! Learn more about how solar energy can benefit you.

Additionally, if roof panels aren’t for you, Evoke Solar also offers ground mounts. Because we’re experts in ground mount solutions, we can quickly and easily install the ground screws and frames. Ground mounts have many advantages that can benefit you, especially if your roof is not ideal for an installation.

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