How Does Solar Energy Work?

As you consider powering your home or business with renewable energy, your first question is: just how does solar energy work?

Fortunately, we’re here to explain. We can easily break down the solar energy generation process into five steps.



Solar Panels Harvest The Sun’s Energy

As sunlight hits the photovoltaic cells, electrons jump creating a flow of DC power. Panels are linked together to form strings that create solar energy.



Solar Energy Is Converted Into Power You Can Use

The DC energy travels to an inverter (either a Micro Inverter located on each individual panel, or a String Inverter usually located in your garage, basement, or exterior wall). Here, the direct current (DC) is chopped up into alternating current (AC) that you can use in your home.



Lights On, Lights Off

Once the power is inverted into AC, it travels to your electrical panel and goes on to feed any appliances, devices, or lights you have on in your house. You are now powered with solar!



Roll Back The Meter, Roll In The Savings

On those days where your panels are soaking in the rays but you are not home to use the energy they produce, power is fed back to the utility company, and this is the magical moment when your meter starts spinning backwards. Your utility calls that “net-metering,” but our customers like to call it “the giggle factor.” And whenever your meter is rolling back, so is the balance on your utility bill!



The Power Finds A New Home

This excess power that spins your meter backwards leaves through the utility lines and travels to a home nearby requiring power. Your clean energy not only meets your own needs and saves you money, but it also helps to meet power needs elsewhere on the grid. It’s all thanks to you…and the sun!

So, how does solar energy work? The solar panels at your home or business will collect sunlight and generate DC power that will be inverted into AC power. You can use that power in your home, and whatever you don’t use will earn you energy credits and travel to another home that needs it. Now that you’re familiar with the solar energy generation process, make the call and start using renewable electricity yourself!


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