Solar Ground Mounts

Evoke Solar Inc. specializes in the installation of ground mounted solar arrays in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Solar ground mounts are a versatile solution with many advantages. See examples of our work and learn more about solar ground mounts below.

When most people consider going solar, the first question is: how’s the roof? Is your roof in good condition? Does it have good sun exposure? Is it mostly clear from shading? Does your roof have a surface large enough for solar panels? There are many cases where installing solar panels on the roof may not be ideal for a variety of reasons. But another important solution exists! Solar panels can be installed on the ground, and there are several reasons doing so can be advantageous. Read on and consider whether a solar ground mount is right for you.

The Advantages of Ground Mounted Solar

  • Flexibility to Go Solar: An ideal roof is not necessary to power your home with solar! 
  • Designed Perfection: Perfectly engineered tilt and orientation get maximum sun exposure. You can produce more power with less panels, which gives you greater savings.
  • More Discreet: Leave your house untouched and hide the ground mount from sight with strategically planted hedges. 
  • Less Hassle: Easily access the array for system troubleshooting, maintenance, service, and cleaning, all while leaving roof clear for future needs.
  • Rural Solar: Installing solar panels on the ground can be the ideal rural solution where homes are older and properties are larger.

The Versatility of Solar Ground Mounts

  • Limited space? Two smaller ground mounted solar arrays can be installed one in front of the other.
  • Roof mount not enough? Combine a roof mount with a ground mount for increased production. 
  • Fallow ground on the farm? Get your agricultural land producing in yet another way, while the livestock take care of the mowing and weed trimming.

The Construction of a Ground Mounted Solar Array

Evoke Solar is the region’s leading expert in designing and constructing solar ground mounts customized to each individual project. First, we build an aluminum frame on top of large ground screws that serve as foundational anchors. These ground screws allow for easy and rapid installation without the use of concrete footers, which is cleaner for your property, more efficient for install, and worry-free if ever the system needs to be removed or relocated. Next, we attach the solar panels to racking on the metal frame with the inverters placed on the back, and cables are run through underground trenching and conduit that lead to the nearest electrical junctions. We finish by carefully attaching wire mesh over cables for protection from potential wildlife damage.

Many solar installers do not offer solar ground mount systems in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, but this has long been an area of expertise for Evoke Solar.

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