Renewable energy is at the forefront of the global shift towards a sustainable future, and household solar panels have become one of the leaders in this initiative. Its environmental benefits, coupled with potential long-term cost savings, are what make solar energy systems an attractive prospect for many homeowners.

It’s crucial to consider a few key factors before acquiring solar panels for your home. In this blog, we’ll explore six essential considerations to keep in mind before purchase and installation.

1. Energy Use

The first step is to assess your household’s energy consumption. Understanding your energy needs will help you determine the size of the solar panel system required. This allows you to match the system capacity to your energy needs, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Start by analyzing your past utility bills to identify patterns and determine your average energy consumption throughout the year. Make sure to take note of seasonal fluctuations. For instance, you may have an increased consumption during summer or winter, so you should take this into account when deciding on panel capacity.

Consider consulting an energy audit service to gain deeper insights into your energy usage patterns. These audits can identify areas where energy efficiency improvements can be made to maximize solar panel performance while reducing overall energy consumption. Solar design and installation services like Evoke Solar can also help you determine the best size for your system.

2. Cost

While the long-term financial benefits of solar panels are undeniable, the initial investment can be substantial. Make sure to carefully evaluate the overall cost, including the price of solar panels, installation, and any additional equipment or upgrades required.

Fortunately, various financial incentives, tax credits, and financing options are available to offset these costs. Research local and federal solar programs, as they can significantly contribute to making solar energy more affordable for your household. Additionally, explore available financing options, such as solar leases or power purchase agreements.

3. Site Location

The geographical location of your home plays a crucial role in the efficiency of solar panels. Different regions receive varying amounts of sunlight throughout the year, affecting the overall energy production of your solar system. Research the solar potential in your area by considering factors such as average sunlight hours, weather patterns, and shading from nearby structures or trees. Maximizing sunlight exposure is fundamental to optimizing the performance of your solar panels and ensuring a quicker return on your investment.

4. Placement

In addition to geographical location, where you install your solar energy system can also influence its performance and efficiency. Household solar panels are commonly set up on rooftops. However, there are instances when roof installations are not feasible — whether they face the wrong direction or are shaded by taller structures.

Fortunately, other options exist. Ground-mounted panels are feasible if you have a wide, open backyard space. This is particularly suitable in rural farm areas with expansive lands. Alternatively, a wall-mounted option is ideal for homes with limited roof and ground space. While wall-mounted panels may not immediately receive as much sunlight as roof- or ground-mounted installations, most models have adjustable tilt mechanisms to optimize exposure.

5. Maintenance

While solar panels are known for their low maintenance requirements, it’s essential to be aware of the occasional upkeep they may need. Regular cleaning to remove dust, dirt, and debris is essential for optimal light exposure and energy production. Additionally, solar panels require routine wear and tear inspections to address issues promptly and prevent efficiency losses. It is recommended to hire professional maintenance services to ensure that your investment continues to generate clean, renewable energy for years to come.

6. Contractor

A reputable and experienced installer can make a significant difference in the performance and longevity of your solar panels. Choose a contractor with a proven track record and a commitment to transparency. Review customer reviews and ask for recommendations to find a reliable installer. The best solar company will guide you through the entire process, from assessing your property’s solar potential to securing necessary permits and completing the installation.

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