Solar energy has emerged as a leader in the quest for sustainable power sources. Naturally, an increasing number of homeowners and businesses are turning to solar panels for their power needs. For most properties, the roof is the primary location for installation.

However, roof-mounted panels may not be ideal for all types of buildings. Limited space, unfavorable roof angles, and aesthetic concerns are some of the primary drawbacks. Additionally, the need for a south-facing roof and potential shading issues can impact a panel system’s ability to capture sunlight for power generation. Fortunately, there are many other options to choose from.

In this blog, we’ll share innovative alternatives to rooftop solar panels to help you harness the sun’s energy more effectively!

1. Ground-Mounted Solar Arrays

Ground-mounted solar arrays are one of the most popular alternatives to rooftop solar panels. They are placed directly on the ground to capture sunlight throughout the day. These arrays provide an effective solution for properties with expansive outdoor spaces, such as large yards, fields, open parking areas, and more. Ground-mounted solar panels also offer flexibility in panel design and orientation to ensure maximum energy generation.

2. Solar Canopies

The term “canopy” encompasses various outdoor structures that provide additional functional spaces — including carports, patio covers, gazebos, pergolas, and awnings. These spaces serve as an excellent alternative to roofs for solar installation. However, the limited surface area may pose a challenge when installing larger panel systems.

Customizing a solar canopy allows for specific functional use for the space beneath the panels, distinguishing it from traditional rooftops. For example, a solar carport is ideal for electric vehicle owners, harnessing solar power to charge the vehicle while providing a covered parking space. Other canopy structures like patio covers, pergolas, and gazebos are well-suited for backyard gardens or outdoor lounges for company properties.

3. Wall-Mounted Panels

If your home features a south-facing wall with no obstructions (such as tall buildings or trees), a wall-mounted solar system may be your best choice. They present distinct advantages during winter. As the sun sits lower in the sky, these vertical solar panels access sunlight more directly. Additionally, they eliminate the challenge of snow accumulation, which could disrupt panel efficiency in rooftop installations.

The energy production of wall-mounted panels may not match that of other installation options, reaching a maximum of 70% compared to rooftop systems. Nonetheless, they’re a great option for homes or businesses powering specific electrical appliances or needs.

4. Building-Integrated Photovoltaics

Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) revolutionizes solar energy integration by incorporating solar panels directly into architectural elements. They address spatial constraints and transform panel systems into integral components of a building’s design. This includes solar windows, roofing materials, and façades, turning the entire building into a power-generating structure. BIPVs appeal to those who want to seamlessly integrate renewable energy into new construction or retrofit existing foundations.

5. Portable Solar Generators

Portable solar generators offer a versatile solution for individuals who are frequently on the move or need a temporary power source. Whether used during camping trips, outdoor events, or emergencies, these portable units provide a reliable power source on the go. They empower individuals to access renewable energy outside the confines of a fixed location, making it a valuable addition to an eco-conscious and mobile lifestyle.

Explore Alternatives to Rooftop Solar Panels With Evoke Solar

The array of options beyond rooftop solar panels ensures that more households and businesses can contribute to the renewable energy revolution. Take a step towards a greener tomorrow by considering these innovative alternatives and partnering with Evoke Solar for top-quality solutions!

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