Financial Benefits and Advantages of Solar Energy

There are many advantages of solar energy including green energy, environmentally friend and of course the financial benefits it offers.  Here are some other reasons why you should consider using solar energy as a replacement.

1. Savings on Electricity

One of the clear advantages of solar energy usage is that it is clean, renewable power your solar array creates saves you money. Every kwh you produce is worth the full retail rate of energy you pay the utility.

2. 30% Federal Tax Credit

There is a 30% Federal Tax Credit on the total installed cost of your photovoltaic system. This means you get nearly a third of the cost back, and the credit can be carried out until 2016.

3. State Rebates

In many states there are local incentives that are given to businesses and homes that choose to go solar.  Some of these are given by local utility companies and some by a state run program.  Ask us about your state today and request a quote soon!

4. Home Value Increase

You have control over your own electricity rates for the future. Solar panels are one of the few home improvements guaranteed to increase the value of your home. Most home renovation choices are subjective — maybe you like the idea of wooden counter-tops, but when you try to sell your home, you find the buyer wants granite. In contrast, the value of solar panels is objective: they decrease your electric bills, providing value to you and anyone else who owns your home.

4. The Facts

The appraisal Journal – For every $1 you save in energy efficiency you increase the value of your home $20. This means if your solar array saves you $1,000 a year, you have raised the value of your home $20,000! Berkley Study – Berkley did a study on resale value of homes with solar in
relation to homes without solar. The findings show that homes with solar on average sold quicker and for a higher price.

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